The Different Types of Journals You Can Keep.


I love to journal.  I always have. I have kept a journal since I was 12 years old.  Sometimes I look back and laugh at what I have written.  It’s a long meandering story that never has details.  I have found that keeping a diary helps to keep me sane.  It is a place where you can vent your frustration, organize your thoughts, and plan your future.

While the standard journal is something that everyone knows there are various types of journals.  Here are a few types of journals:

  1. Specific Occasion: This is a journal that you only keep for a short period of time.  An example would be like studying abroad, or adoption.
  2. Smash:  A book where you tape or glue anything from photos or news articles that you wish to keep.
  3. Dream Journal: A place to write down what you dream about at night and try to interpret them.
  4. Specific Topic:  A journal that is used for a specific topic such as work or weight loss.
  5. Nature: A journal where you keep track of observations of the outdoors or your garden.
  6. Gratitude: A journal listing what you are grateful for in life.
  7. Travel:  A journal kept of your travels including writing and photos.

In my personal journal I like to combine all types of journals together.  It’s easier for me to keep everything all in one place. I’ve tried to keep things separate but I find it doesn’t work. I personally need everything in one spot. Do you keep different types of journals?

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