10 Things 2 Declutter

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One of my favorite series is 10 Things 2 Declutter!  I hate clutter. I wish I could get rid of more things!

  1. Kitchen Gadget Drawer. Only used your zester once in the last three years?
  2. Paper Plates.  How many Elmo plates from your child’s second birthday do you still have?  If you child is twelve it’s time to let go.
  3. Lawn Games.  Keep only if you have played them more than twice a month.
  4. Ties.  You only need seven to ten ties to go with your suit. If you have forty let go!
  5. Socks. Let the extras go.  You will never find them!
  6. Scarves. Do they match anything or do you just like them?
  7. Winter Accessories
  8. Umbrellas. How many of us have those umbrellas that are all askew but we say they still work. Gone!
  9. Summer Hats.
  10. Garden Supplies. The season is over.  Let go of extra.  Pack things up and prep for next year.

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