10 Cooking Terms to know.

unsplash 16

Clarify- A process of removing impurities from a liquid.  It usually accomplished by skimming the surface of the liquid as it is heated.

Deglaze- The process of loosening, reducing and dissolving the reside remaining in the pan after meat has been sauteed.

Dot- The process involving the placement of small bit or pieces of food over and around food.

Giblets- The edible inside of poultry that includes the organs.

Gluten- A protein found in wheat,oats, rye, and barley.

Herbs du Provence- A seasoning blind that is used to season meat, poultry or vegetable.  No solid rule on what specific herbs to use in mixture.

Infusion- A process that involves the soaking of a substance in hot liquid to extract the flavor.

Parboil- Cooking food in boiling water for only a short amount of time to retain the color, to help preserve nutrients.

Pinch-1/16 of a teaspoon or a dash.

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