What is Hygge?


I’m sure you have heard of the biggest home buzz word last year.  It was the word Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah). It’s Danish and while there is no direct translation of this word it means “cozy.”  Hygge is considered a concept that can be adopted little by little or in one fell swoop.

Things that are considered to be Hygge include a fire, warm knits, candles, being in nature, starlight, casual get together with family or friends, soup, dessert, hot bath, Christmas lights, reading, flowers, displays of your favorite items and hot drinks.

There is so much to hygge!  Who doesn’t want to live in a cozy home?  I’m a huge candle person.  Much to my son’s disdain.  He always thinks that I am going to burn the house down. I guess he doesn’t appreciate coziness. I just use battery operated lights for him.  He likes those.

Did you start any new hygge activities last year?

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