What is Lagom?

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I’m sure you have all heard the latest lifestyle buzz word for 2017 “Lagom.”  It is also being considered for 2018 as the word of the year too!  In fact, I am now anxiously awaiting the latest Norwegian, Finnish or Icelandic word to come into vogue.  All kidding aside why the preoccupation with the Scandinavian way of life?

Let’s face it.  The Scandinavians have it pretty good in their home countries:  low crime rate, free education, free health care, etc.  Now the Scandinavians would be the first to say they pay for it and they do.  They pay a lot.  Is there something else that we can gleam from the Scandinavian way of being that we can use in our daily lives?

While we may not be able to adopt their style of government there are a few things that we can adopt from them.  First, let’s define Lagom.  Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just enough” or “just the right amount.”  Think “Goldy Locks and the Three Bears”, not too hot, not too cold, just right.  In Sweden it is about striking a balance in life.  All things in moderation. So say have a slice or two of pizza, but not the whole pizza.

Things are reused and repaired.  Scandinavians save up to buy quality items.  Then when those things wear out, the repair them or reuse them in a new way.  Keep the clutter to a minimum and let your personality shine instead of your things.

Scandinavians also spend a great deal of time outside. It could be eating outside, going for a walk, or riding their bike to work.  In Scandinavia, outside even in winter, is part of the weekly if not daily routine.  Make small changes to your day to enhance your life.  Take a walk around the block, put some plants in your room, or plant a garden.  All these things can add nature to your life.

How are you using Lagom in your daily life?  How could you start?


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