10 Ways to Save $.


Sometimes saving money is harder than squeezing water out of a rock.  After you pay all your bills how much do you have left?  Sometimes you have no choice but to try to nickel and dime yourself.  In my 10 ways to save $ series, I’ll be listing some ways to try and save cash.  Here are ten tips to help you save money.

  1.  Have a 24 hour rule.  Sometimes an item is so good you just don’t want to leave it behind at the store.  Do you need it?  Probably not, but want?  Give it the 24 hour treatment.  If it’s still there perhaps it was meant to be.
  2. Save change. It takes awhile but change can really add up.
  3. Subscribe. So many subscriptions, so little time.  Really!  Magazines, boxes, gym memberships.  Let some of them go.
  4. Have family gift limits.  It’s crazy how some families will spend on Christmas. Have the tough conversation before the holiday season.  Also, tell people gift cards are okay.  Especially if you are tired of getting a sweater or Christmas ornament.  Help get things you or your family need.
  5. Carpool. Know someone who lives and works by you. Save some gas and carpool!
  6. Eat in Season. In season produce is always cheaper than out of season.  It tastes better too.
  7. Downsize. Can you live in a smaller house or apartment? Do you need all your furniture?  Sell some of it for extra cash.  A smaller home also means hopefully smaller bills.
  8. Have a home energy audit. Many power companies offer this service. Learn to conserve power. Help your wallet and help your environment.
  9. Volunteer at events. Many times you get to see events that you could not afford otherwise.  Check this out.
  10. Cheap vs Quality.  Buy quality instead of quantity.  It’s better to buy more expensive/better made shoes than cheap ones.  It will save you money and pain!

What other ideas do you have for saving money?

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