The next 10 items for your emergency kit

Here are ten more items for you emergency kit.  Be sure to check past postings for my articles on first aid kits and disaster preparation.  It’s important to remember that each emergency kit should be tailored to your family and your location.  What works for Colorado won’t work for Florida.  What works for Florida won’t work for say Spain etc. As always, check with your local disaster organizations.  Many organizations have suggestions on their web pages for what to include.

  1. Communication items.  How are you going to contact people when disaster hits?  Cell phones are popular to keep.  Make sure you have a backup battery.  Walkie talkies may be something you should consider.
  2. Money. Remember cash machines won’t work after a major disaster.  Electricity will be down for quite some time.  Have money in various denominations.  Getting exact change could be difficult.
  3. Important Paperwork/ID’s. Copies of your insurance cards, birth certificates, etc. These things are hard to get copies replaced right away.
  4. An activity.  Take something along to keep you occupied.  Remember there might not be any electricity to run TVs, radios or computers.  Get something non-electric to keep you and your family occupied.
  5. Candle/Matches.  Being able to see when the sun goes down is also important.
  6. Solar Charger. Gas could be in short supply after a disaster.  A solar charger can help you to keep your cellphone up and going.
  7. Radio. A weather radio or a small crank radio can help you keep updated on weather situation or disaster announcements.
  8. Cooking Pot.  Hungry?  What are you going to cook in?  A small camp cooking pot can work wonders.  You can eat or boil water in it to drink.
  9. Duct Tape.  This wonder material you can always use.  It can be used to seal things, repair things and many other ideas.
  10. Work Gloves.  It’s so easy to get cut up when clearing up debris from a disaster. A pair of work gloves will be a great addition to you kit.

What else would you use in your emergency kit?


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