5 Manners 4 Kids


Here are five more manners that kids should know.

  1. How to answer the phone.  With today’s social media talking on the phone is a lost art form.  Answering the phone is even more lost. Do they know what to say when your busy?  Do they know how to take a message? These are things that we need to think of.
  2. What 911 is for.  Okay, its not really manners, but it is something that you need to go over with your child.
  3. Along with answering the phone, children need to know how to make calls and  ask to speak to someone.
  4. What about a wrong number?  What do you say to someone who dials a wrong number?  What do you do if you dial a wrong number?  Something that bothers me is when people just hang up.  A simple “I’m sorry, I dialed the wrong number” goes a long way.
  5. What RSVP means.  I’ve actually had people say “no one RSVP’s” anymore. Not true.  You can cost a person money or time by not RSVPing.  No one should have to track you down to find out if you are joining them.

What manners do think kids today need to know?

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