Things have been a little bit crazy lately.  This is one of the times in my life when I feel like no matter what I do I have no control over anything.  So this time, instead of my usual “push through” I am trying to do nothing.  That’s not easy.

Our remodel has hit a major snag.  More on that in another post. It is incredibly frustrating and extremely stressful.

My son is starting middle school.  It’s a lot of new policies and procedures.  Plus he is nervous about starting over. So mom is nervous for him. I remember how much middle school sucked. You couldn’t pay me to relive that again!

I backed into someones truck in a parking structure.  I had taken my son into his doctor which is normally a half and hour to forty minutes drive.  When we got there an hour and 15 minutes later due to construction, an accident, and just heavy traffic.  We got in there and it turns out they tried to get a hold of us.  The doctor had to cancel due to a medical emergency.  Crap! So we left, then I was trying to back out of a spot.  On both sides I had these huge trucks and behind me was a huge truck. It was so difficult to pull out I caught my bumper on the back trucks trailer hitch.  Fortunately, the gentleman could not find anything wrong on his car so we let it go.  I just got my paint scratched.  That was all I needed!

Oh, and my computer had it’s motherboard melt down again!  So I had to send it off for three weeks to Tennessee to get repaired. When it came back it was still running slow, so I had to get a new computer.  Add to that everything being transferred over and I was close to five weeks without a computer.  That nice lead in blogging articles that I had, has been used up.  Needless to say, it’s been a rough month.  To find out what I’ve been doing to try and stay calm, check out my post tomorrow “The Lately List.”



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