10 Ideas For A Date Night

Here are some quick ideas for an instant date night!

  1. The Farmer’s Market.  Have to shop?  Make a date out of it.  Make a dish together.  Get free samples.
  2. Give each other or get a couple’s massage.  Relax together!
  3. Go out for dessert.
  4. Do pub trivia.
  5. Go bowling.  When was the last time you did that?
  6. Visit a park or trail near your home.
  7. Visit a new town.  Is there a small town near you that is a tourist hot spot?  Visit for a day?
  8. Go on a walking tour. Take a historical walking tour in your town. Get your exercise and learn something.
  9. Cooking Night.  Make a different dish together!
  10. Go to the zoo.  It’s not just for kids!

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