10 Things 2 Declutter

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One of the most read features on my old blog was the 10 quick things to declutter.  So I’m bringing it back to this blog.  Here you will find a quick list of 10 things you can do each week to help reduce your clutter in your home.

  1. Mail/Catalogs.  If you are getting excess catalogs try calling the catalog companies and requesting you are removed from the mailing list.  They are often happy to oblige.
  2. Coupons. They expire faster than you think.
  3. School papers. I keep my son’s papers in a bin when they come home.  Once a month I go through the bin.  I keep certain things and place them in a folder.  The rest get thrown away.  Then at the end of the year I go through the folder and do a second, greater cull.  That way, you keep only what you want a memory of.
  4. Owner’s Manuals.  Do you still have the owner’s manuals from the last three vacuum cleaners you owned?  Time to reduce and recycle.
  5. Knickknacks.  This is a pretty broad category.  Start out with your seashell collection from when you were a teenager.  Then move on to each category.
  6. Emails/Apps.  I always check my phone to see which applications I can delete. Can I unsubscribe from any emails?
  7. Old photo frames. I used to keep these around thinking that I would reuse them.  Often, I just bought a different style.  Donate these.  They can take up a lot of room.
  8. Magnets.  Our family used to get a magnet every time we went somewhere.  Honestly, there is nothing more cluttered than a fridge full of magnets.  Keep a handful and get rid of the rest.
  9. Reusable bags.  Companies and businesses now hand out cloth reusable bags all the time.  They are great and handy.  They help the environment.  However, you can have too much of a good thing.  Use what you need and give the rest to a friend.
  10. Candles.  Everyone, has a ton of candles.  They are given so often as gifts and door prizes. If you haven’t used in within a month, get rid of it.

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