10 Cooking Terms to Know

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Are you a cook?  I must admit, I’m not.  I can make things and they are edible, but no one will ever say to me “That’s a great meal.”  I never grew up in a cooking family.  So everything I know is self taught or down to a cookbook.  Any recipes you find on this blog are tried and true on my own family several times.  Still sometimes I wonder, what does this term mean when I read a cookbook. As a result, once a month I will do a short article on various cooking terms that I run across.  I think it will be fun for us to learn together.

Al Dente- Tender but firm to the bite.

Blanch- To Blanch something is to put it into boiling water from a few seconds to minutes.  Then removing it and placing it into ice water.

Caramelize- To cook something slowly until it becomes brown and sweet.

Deglaze- To deglaze a pan you moisten then scrape up the brown bits of food that stick to the bottom of the pan.

Dredge- To dredge something is to create a crispy coating on the outside of meat by coating it in flour or cornmeal etc. It is more commonly known as breading.

Flambe- Meaning “flame” in French, flambe is when you add alcohol to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.

Gratin- A dish that has a slightly browned crust usually made of breadcrumbs or cheese.

Meuniere- A sauce of brown butter, parsley, and lemon.

Scallop- A well known term for any type of common saltwater clams.

Basmati Rice-  Basmati is Hindi for “fragrant.” A long a slender form of rice found in traditional Indian cooking.

Are there any other terms that you would like me to define?  Is there a cooking term that you think others should know about?  Leave it in the comments below.





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