Nursery to Office.

We spent ten years after the birth of our first child trying to have a second child.  Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our quest for a second child.  So once we stopped trying and are now devoting our time to remodeling our home. Our home was built over 25 years ago. So it was in definite need of an update.

Here is what the nursery looked like before.


We painted the walls of the nursery green for a gender neutral look.  We also choose Winnie the Pooh for the same reason.  The white furniture we had to discard due to the age and how beat up it was.  Plus the crib was recalled a few years after our only child was born.  So we couldn’t donate.



Here you can also see the original carpet.  That was replaced before we started painting.

In my next post, you will see the halfway point.  Stay tuned!

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