10 Fashion Terms and Their Meaning


Fashion magazines and online blogs about fashion are hugely popular.  Oftentimes they use language or terms that are unknown to others outside the industry.  I thought it would be a fun feature to start to explain what some of the fashion vocabulary means.  Each month I will produce a list of ten words commonly used in clothing and fashion.  Enjoy!

  1. Je Ne Sais Quoi- We have all heard this phrase before, but what does it mean?  It means “I don’t know what.” So basically when someone says a person has a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi it means that special something that can’t quite be named or defined.
  2. Sartorial -Means relating to clothing.
  3. Denier- Is the measure of a thickness of spun fiber.  Most often used in hosiery.  The higher the denier that thicker the fiber.
  4. French Cuffs- Turned up cuffs sometimes fashioned with cuff links, sometimes fashioned with a contrasting color.
  5. Melange-yarn spun fibers printed in many tones and hues.
  6. Merino-High quality wool from Merino sheep.
  7. Modal- Manufactured fiber that is soft, shape retentive and durable.
  8. Neoprene- Durable synthetic rubber that is lightweight and buoyant.
  9. Olefin- A man made lightweight material, exceptional strength, resists stains, mildew, abrasions, and sunlight.
  10. Pima Cotton- Best grade of cotton in the world.


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