Manners 4 kids to know


You always hear it on the radio or read it on the internet.  Kids today have no manners! Do they really?  What manners do kids need to know today?  In the last 20 years society has changed so much.  What do we need for manners?  How do they apply to today’s fast-paced and current lifestyle?  Read  a few suggestions below.  Then stay tuned for future blog posts the list more manners for kids to know.

1.How to address an adult.     Many people think it is okay for a child to address an adult by their first name.  However, it sounds better if they use the more formal Mr., Mrs. or Ms. and the family name.  Your child is not the adults equal so the first name should be saved for other people.
2. Be on time. If it says the appointment is at 7, it doeesn’t mean you are walking in at 7, it means at 7 the appoint is beginning.  Don’t make others late by being late yourself.  It says to that person their time is important to you.  Hence, they are important.

3.Opening doors for others.  This is not just a man for a woman thing.  Hold the doors for others is a nice gesture.  It can also be helpful.  If you wish to teach your child the old adage “Ladies first” that  is fine.  It’s a personal choice.  My son started out doing it that way when he was a toddler.  Now he holds the door for everyone.  I actually have a few cute stories about my son’s “ladies first” stage.

Once we were at the doctor’s office.  Ahead of us going in the door was an elderly couple.  The man had difficulty walking and was using a walker.  His wife was helping him.  My son, who was about four at the time, ran ahead grabs the door and holds out his hand at the gentleman.  He then says “Ah, Ah,Ah, ladies first!”  I could have died.  Fortunately, the couple had a sense of humor and turned to me and said “Thank you for teaching him manners. No one does that anymore.”  Now he knows to help someone who is handicapp first.  This situation taught me that everyone appreciates good manners even if they sometimes go awry.

4. Helping others. This goes with number three.  By helping others I mean helping someone get an item down from a shelf.  Helping your friend find her mitten.  Helping your brother or sister get a library book.  This is what I mean by helping.  Do you have to help?  No, but the gesture is wonderful just the same.

5.How to wear a hat.  So many people don’t know or understand this. Let them know what to do when you walk indoors or when the national anthem plays.  Its a simple sign of respect.

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