The 15 Items of the Basic Wardrobe

Here is what I would put in a minimalist wardrobe.  I would have these in a neutral color for the most part.  What pieces do you have?  Which ones do you need?  Which ones do you think are obsolete?

  1. A pencil skirt
  2. A leather jacket
  3. Wrap Dress
  4. Jeans
  5. A trench coat
  6. Denim Jacket
  7. White T-shirt
  8. Blazer jacket
  9. Black dress pants
  10. White button Shirt
  11. A polo shirt
  12. Tank top
  13. Cardigan
  14. Casual Pants (Think Chinos or Khakis)
  15. Black T-shirt

For me the polo shirt, the white button shirt and the white T-shirt don’t work for me.  For one thing I always get something stained on them.  It never fails, when I wear white I always am eating something Italian and get tomato sauce all over me.  As far as polo shirts go, I hate the look.  They remind me of the fifth grade when I used to wear them.  Yuck.  This list is a general list.  Your lifestyle my be one where you never need a dress or can’t wear white.  That’s okay.  Manage it for yourself.  Make substitutions or color changes when necessary.

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