Say yes to a classic wardrobe. Classic vs Trendy.


What is a classic wardrobe?  Has it been the same?  Has it changed? Do I need one.  Fashion is on of the most popular topics for blogs.  It rules Pinterest, and plays an integral part in Instagram.  During certain times of our lives clothes matter differently.

To me a classic wardrobe is something that is a standard, more conservative look.  It is meant to show quality and value.  You can’t look at a piece of standard wardrobe and say “Wow, 1980 was an interesting year for clothes.”  You look up and say instead “I wonder where she got that?”

Trendy is something new, current, that stands out but manufactured for the masses. A trendy item is something that lasts for a very short while and then no one wants to wear it.  Think Bell Bottoms, jelly bracelets, and the like.  Growing up, especially during the teen and college years, is where most of our trendy clothes come from.  Fast fashion is very popular and cheap for this reason. It’s best to spend as little money on it as you can.  You end up getting rid of it too fast.

My background is in fashion.  My love of clothes has changed so much over the years. Growing up, I loved to watch fashion shows and read the glossy magazines.  I knew all the latest designers and what was current.  I loved putting together outfits for people and styling new looks.  I learned to draw and sew.  Clothing was important.  It still is, but in a different way.

We all need clothes.  Some of us more than others.  An inuit in Northern Alaska or Canada is going to need more clothing than a Masai warrior who lives on the African Savannah. A business woman in New York is going to need more clothing and a greater variety than a housewife in Tokyo. It is rare we go naked.  Clothing protects us.  It also tells people who we are.  If your punk you have a different style than say a banker.  It varies.

Don’t take these wardrobe lists as gospel.  They are a starting point.  Take your life, your likes, and your lifestyle and adapt these to you.  Edit what you need.  If you are a punk rocker, you may like the idea of a motorcycle jacket. The banker I wrote about might like it too.  Or they may prefer a more tailored leather jacket they can wear to work or out.  They are adapting the clothing to their situations.

Color plays a hug part of a wardrobe.  Many of your classic pieces will be in one of the basic neutral colors.  In fashion magazines, they are constantly changing what a neutral color is.  In all honesty, it’s just to get you to buy more clothing. Neutrals are neutral.  They don’t change.  The neutral colors are: black, white, grey, and brown and all they shades those colors entail. Generally speaking your basic wardrobe, your classic wardrobe, should be in neutral colors. This allows you to mix and match trendier colors such as Marsala (Pantone’s 2015 color of the year) or Greenery (Pantone’s 2017 color of the year).


Ready to start building your own basic wardrobe?  Check out tomorrow’s post for my 15 basic wardrobe pieces.  Also, coming soon photos of my new wardrobe and posts about me trying to get a capsule wardrobe.  Stay tuned!

What do you think should go into a basic wardrobe?  What is your go to piece or color? Let me know in the comments.


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