Get Your Emergency Car Kit Together


Do you live in an area where you need an emergency car kit?  I do.  I keep a small one for three seasons and a large one for our fourth season-winter.  I’ve been talking about keeping an emergency kit for my home.  The car kit is different.

Some of the items may cross over between kits.  You can decide where to keep what based on your life, travel, and family.

My car kit includes: Hazard Triangle, Glow sticks (or flares), a small first aid kit, jumper cables, windshield scraper and brush, spare tire, a warm blanket and extra clothes, a cell phone and charger/spare battery, hand crank radio, water, food, cat litter ( for traction), candle and matches, flashlight/battery, tarp, map, hammer, shovel, wipes, knife, cash/coins, duct tape, rope, fire extinguisher, tire jack,  and fix a flat.

These are all things I need for where I live and where I drive.  If you live in other places you may need more or less than what I have.  What do you have in your car kit?  I’d love to know your specific needs for your environment.

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