Diary or Journal? Same Thing Right?


People often use the terms diary and journal interchangeably.  Many people think they are the same.  However, there are some differences between the two. Which one are you using?  Which one do you want to use?  Let’s take a look and see the differences.

A journal, according to the Merriam Webster website, a journal has the following definition:  Entry One: ” A daily newspaper usually used in the title.  A periodical dealing with matters of current interest.” Entry Two: “A record of ideas, reflections and experiences kept regularly for private use. A record of current transactions (bookkeeping), or a day to day account. A record kept by a deliberate or legislative body.”

For my purposes and yours the second entry “A record of ideas, reflections and experiences kept regularly for private use” is what we want to look at.  Journals can be used for a variety of things.  A journal is a blank book, literally. This type of journal lends itself to a free flow of ideas and writings.  It can contain everything from a description of your surroundings, a shopping list, goals, ideas for a book, and anything else your mind can come up with.

A diary, according to Merriam Webster website, “a diary is a record of events, transactions or observations kept at frequent intervals.  A daily record of personal activities, reflections, or feelings.”  A key phrase here is at frequent intervals.  I think of a diary more like a ship’s log. Just the facts and a commentary on them. I had a diary once when I was a young girl.  It was given to me as a gift.  Each day of the year was printed in it.  Two days for each page. After the date, twelve lines each to record the days events.

I soon discovered this was not my thing.  I need pages, pages that I can write anything on! I like to draw, paste things, list things.  I don’t like a structured format.

Which would you choose?  Do you prefer diary? Do you prefer journals?  Let me know in the comments below.



5 Things to Declutter Right Now


Clutter, organizing you hear about it all the time.  It seems so overwhelming doesn’t it? Where to start?  Each month, I post five items for you to work on.  Some of them may seem obvious, others obscure.  The end result is to get it done and not be overwhelmed.  Here they are:

1. Start with your mail.  What can you do electronically?  Can you cancel anything?  Can you get off catalog mailing lists?  Try to reduce what you are getting.

2. School papers.  Do you really need your eight grade book report?  Some term papers you may want to keep if they were really amazing, or you plan on continuing your education.

3. Family knickknacks.  Your mother really wanted you to have your grandmother’s ceramic duck collection.  Now you stuck with thirty ceramic ducks that clash with your Victorian decor. First know that it’s okay to get rid of them.  If you associate the ducks so strongly with your grandmother keep under five favorites and either sell or donate the rest.  No one wants you to display things you don’t like.

4. Email lists and applications you no longer use.

5. Souvenirs from vacations past.  Do you really want that broken conch shell? Are you ever going to display that British flag? If not let it go.  If you got a souvenir that is really amazing and you like it, keep it.  Just try to display it.  My husband and I for awhile got glass paperweights from different areas. Once we got enough we switched to something else. We still display those beautiful paperweights.

How was that? Not too painful I hope. Remember just do little bits at a time.  You can do it.


5 Things to Clean (that you always forget)


Here is your list of “5 Things to Clean” for the month of September.  The items I list are not your normal chores.  They are the ones that you seem to forget.  Like cleaning the remote control, wiping your baseboards and other things.  You know to vacuum, to sweep and to do the dishes.  Know get those things that you miss each month!  Read my list below and get started today!

1. Door frames and knobs

2. Toothbrush holder

3. Facial scrubbing tool

4. Remote controls

5. Electronics screens

All of these are easy to do and quick too!



10 Journaling Prompts for September


The season is starting to turn to Fall. School is starting for many.  Now is the time to present ten journaling prompts for the month of September.

  1. Write about something you had to overcome.
  2. What positive changes have you made in your life?
  3. Name three things you would do if you weren’t afraid.
  4. What is the worst advice you have ever been given.
  5. What is your favorite meal?
  6. Describe your favorite restaurant.
  7. Describe your best friend at some point in your life.
  8. What five things would you grab (besides family and pets) to rescue if your house was on fire?
  9. Write a recap of this past summer.
  10. Put your best pasta recipe in our journal.

Come back in October for another installment of monthly journaling prompts!


10 Fashion Terms to Know


It’s time for our monthly installment of ten fashion terms you should know.  In this article I put terms that you should know or are interesting to know.

Amulet: Small object believed to possess magical powers–a good-luck charm worm as protection against evil by primitive people and surviving to present time in various forms of jewelry.

Egyptian Cotton: A high quality long tape strong and lustrous cotton produced by the Nile to make fine fabrics.

Androgynous: Possessing both male and female characteristics. Popular fashion elements in the 20’s and several other decades.

Elastic: Stretchable tape originally woven with rubber yarn now uses Spandex and other similar fabrics.

Angola: A term for fabric made of 75% to 80% wool.

Goggles: Protective glasses, usually with shatterproof lenses in wide frames wrapped around the head, attached with a strap around the head and worn in sports.

Angora: Fuzzy yarn made from the under hair of the Angora rabbit.

Gray Goods: Textile term used to describe unfinished fabrics as they come off the loom.

Applique: A pattern on the surface of the fabric made by cutting out fabric and attaching it to another fabric by embroidery and stitching.

Haute Couture: Highest quality custom made clothing.

Those are your ten fashion terms for the month of September. I hope they were interesting and informative for you.





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Update. What’s Going on Part II


I’m back with Part II of the update.  In the last update I told you about finding a special school for my son to attend.  We are still trying to finalize his attendance. Since the school is so small there isn’t a lot of hard core directions or go to persons.

I have yet to remove him from our public school system.  I’m waiting until the first week of class before I do that.  Just in case there is something catastrophic at the new school. I hope things go well.  Right now I have to keep focusing on getting “E” to attend class.  My mind keeps jumping ahead and thinking “Is he going to lose friends? Is he going to make friends? Will the school get accreditation? How will we pay for this?  How can we afford college?  Can we retire?” That’s just a sample.  There is so much more going through my mind.

We were going to send “E” to a week long computer class the school was offering.  It was unfortunately cancelled due to low enrollment.  They had another class the following week.  He couldn’t attend that as he was taking a coding class.  He really wanted to take the coding class.  Since he is not panicked to attend coding we want to encourage that.  I don’t want him to get too agoraphobic. I see hints of it. I also see hints of OCD but it hasn’t gotten to a full blown issue so I am just leaving it.

The funny thing is I planned my schedule around that class. I had cancelled over 9 different appointments to accommodate that class.  Story of my life that.

At home we are still having some trouble with him. Some of it is what he has been diagnosed with, some of it is being a teen, and some is brat or only child syndrome.  I don’t know how to handle it sometimes.  I think because he was so easy as an elementary school aged child he’s making up for it with gusto.

We recently had several appointments with a local psychiatric center that is known for diagnosis and classes to help people with mental limitations or illnesses.  Over the course of two meetings I handed in a two inch thick pile of paperwork on E. We initially went to see if he would qualify for one of their groups.  Mainly to help his severe shyness.

They agreed that he would benefit from several services.  The first thing is family counseling, then they recommended a diad. A diad is two kids and two therapists.  It’s kind of like group therapy but with one other person.  It’s sort of the next step from individual therapy to diad then on to group at one point. They also recommended case management.

They had offered the family therapy right away. However, the time they had would interfere with Erik’s school.  I told them I wanted to be put on the wait list for two different locations near us.  We need to get acclimated to his new school and schedule. Taking him out early would not work for him.  Granted we will be doing this in the future, but I will wait till September before I start it. It would be too much going on for us.  Just like I am putting off E’s eating therapy too. The anxiety, depression and school has to take precedence.

Since “E” couldn’t attend that class we went to the new school last week to meet two of the teachers.  We spent about an hour there.  “E” didn’t want to talk much.  He spent most of the time on his ipad.  It’s his way of coping.  Hopefully, everything will go well. I want to have him develop other coping skills.  Maybe he will get some from the other students.

During this time I also visited a geneticist.  Mainly because breast cancer runs in both sides of my family, and last year’s breast cancer scare. I had just one meeting and she said my risk isn’t any different from the general population.  I wasn’t worried but everyone else in my family makes it a big deal.  Now I can get people off my back.  For me, we all are going to get something.  In fact, we will all get multiple things health wise.  I’m not going to be paranoid.  I just want to take care of myself.

Speaking of which, I have gained weight.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I have to recommit to losing weight.  To losing a significant amount of weight and getting healthy.  Damn, I wish junk food wasn’t so good.  I also want to be more healthy since all this stress has come up.  My body isn’t able to cope.  I have increased panic attacks, nausea and gastrointestinal issues.  I’m exhausted all the time. So much so I can sometimes stay in bed all day. Then the migraines and chronic pain are rearing their heads.  Self care needs to take a more important role too.  I need to get back to regular chiropractor and massage therapist appointments.

This concludes my “update.”  Thanks for letting me rant.  Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.



5 Things to Declutter


Remember when they said computers will be the end of paper and books? So funny now. If anything it has helped increase our clutter ten fold. Not to mention the actual electronics themselves. They become obsolete so quickly they are clutter in their own right.

Below, you will find a monthly list of five quick things to declutter in your home. Enjoy.

1. Your school supplies. Target alredy has their back to school out. I’m starting to see sales too. We all have extra supplies we store at the end of the previous year. Toss things that no longer work or donate what you no longer need. Make a list of what you still need too.

2. Games and puzzles. Have any that are missing pieces. Let them go. Also a great time to donate ones you have outgrown.

3. Shoes. Some are worn out, some you only wore once, and several can be outgrown by the kids. If you are not saving them for family, donate or toss depending on the state of them.

4. Keychain. Some of us only have one or two keys on our keychain. Some have more. If you are in the more category can you let some of them go? Do you really need your grandmother’s keys from 40 years ago? Your family isn’t even in the house anymore. If it is sentimental keep one of the keys. Let go or the rest.

5. Kids keepsakes. Sure we all keep things from our child’s formative years. But the real question is how much have you kept. I’m talking about papers now. We will get to other items later. Artwork, old tests, and their book reports can be let go. If you want to, keep the best 5 are pieces of art and let the others go.

Hope this gives you some motivation. Remember, that these are quick tasks that you should be able to do in a short amount of time. Don’t ruminate on the items. Happy tossing.